Pre Installation Checklist & Independent Contractor Notification 






-INSTALLATION DATE will be confirmed by phone prior to installation, unless determined at the time of sale.  If we are unable to reach the customer, and for the project to begin as scheduled, it is vital to notify our CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM at 281-757-6578 and reference your contract #. They can be reached until 9pm M-F and 8pm SAT/SUN.


-DELIVERYAND START TIMES occur between 6am and 6pm. Your contractor or project manager will call you prior to arriving the morning of the start date. Unfortuntely, specific times of arrival cannot be provided.


-RESPONSIBLE ADULT OVER 18 years of age should remain on the job site if minors or pets are on the job site.


-PETS should be located in a safe location away from any work areas throughout the duration of the project


-VERIFICATION OF PRODUCTS, AREAS, AND COLORS  will be verified by the customer prior to the begining of any work starting.


-INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS: areas where work will be performed must have electricity and a temperture maintained between 65-85 degrees for 48 hours prior to installation, to ensure proper installation.


-DELAYS caused by customer will be assessed a $150 per day fee. (unless authorized by MYHOMEBYACC LLC)


-INSTALLATION LENGTH each job is unique and some require more time than others.  MYHOMEBYACC LLC's goal is to provide you professional installation. Every effort will be made to complete your project on,or ahead of schedule.


-COMPLETION after the job is complete, the installer will walk through the job with the customer to ensure the job is completed to industry standards and customer expectations. The customer is responsible for any and all final payments upon completion. A $200 per day fee will be applied to any payments not made upon completion.


-CUSTOMER PAYMENT SCHEDULE must be kept by customer to ensure work being continued and COMPLETED IN A TIMELY MATTER. (Projects over 1 week require 15% deposit prior to start date, with remaining balance to be paid weekly (remaining balance divided by estimated weeks to be completed) i.e. $10k/ 4week project requires $1500 deposit (15% deposit) prior to start date, with $2125 due weekly (every Wednesday)

Projects under 1 week are to be PAID IN FULL prior to start of project. (unless otherwise authorized by MYHOMEBYACC LLC


-ALTERATIONS/ CHANGES TO INVOICE/contract can not be made by MYHOMEBYACC LLC, independent contractor, or customer.


-LINE ITEM DELETIONS may result in loss off any payment(s) made, if not agreed to in writing by MYHOMEBYACC LLC.


-PAYMENTS made on any invoice provided by MYHOMEBYACC represent a contractual agreement between customer, MYHOMEBYACC LLC, and independent contractors.


-FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD ITEMS all furniture and objects should be removed from the work area prior to the start of work. (unless contractor and customer make seperate arrangements). If contractors are moving furniture please note:


*APPLIANCES: contractors do not disconnect/reconnect appliances including gas and water lines (unless contractor and customer make arrangements)


-BEDS or COMPLEX/LARGE ITEMS including built-in furniture should be disassembled and ready for move prior to installation (unless contractor and customer make arrangements)


-CLOTHES and shoes should be removed for work areas prior to installation.


-ELECTRONIC contractor will not disconnect or reconnect any electronics.






-PACKING/UNPACKING BOXES unfortunately our contractors will not be responsible for any packing or unpacking of boxes containing small breakable items. Please pack boxes in cabinets or on book shelves prior to installation.




-REMOVAL OF OLD FLOORING: if the customer is removing old flooring, the floor must be free of all debris, nails, thinset, grout, and swept clear.  Tack strips will need to be left in place if carpet will be installed in area.


-SUB-FLOOR if at any time during the installation it is determined that repairs are need in the subfloor, all work will stop and the contractor will inform the customer what will be needed to properly install flooring and any additional cost that will be needed.


-ASBESTOS if at anytime asbestos is discoveredALL WORK WILL BE HAULTED until customer has asbestos removed prior to restarting any work. 


-RADIANT HEAT if you have radiant heated flooring please inform your installer prior to any work being done.


-NICKS, SCRATCHES, SCORING: installer will try to avoid any nicks, scratches, and scoring of baseboards and walls, but since materials need to be tucked under baseboards, there are some damages that can not be avoided.  MYHOMEBYACC will not paint baseboards.


-SEAMS are required in most rooms and will be placed at the installer discretion, unless specified in writing prior to installation.


-DOORS will not be cut or rehung.


-Tile, Hardwood, VCT must remain free from foot traffic for a min. of 12 hours after installation. Tile and grout may not be disturbed in any way for 12-48 hours.





The independent contractor is responsible for the performance, fullfillment and guarantee of the project between the contractor and the customer.  MYHOMEBYACC LLC provides adminstrative and processing services only. In the event the independent contractor performs work inconsistant with industy standards, the contractor is expected to correct any and all work at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the customer pursuant to it's warranty.  ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE THROUGH MYHOMEBYACC, LLC, unless authorized by MYHOMEBYACC, LLC. ALL WARRANTIES are voided if; the customer provides materials, the customer makes alterations or ajustments made by customer, unauthorized contractor, or payments are made directly to indepndent contractor. MYHOMEBYACC LLC warranties DO NOT COVER MOISTER RELATED DAMAGES. Complete warranty detail can be made available upon request.


All invoices represent contract terms between MYHOMEBYACC LLC, customer, and independent contractors.

All deposits and payments are non refundable after grace period. (3 day right of rescission of initial deposit payment)



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